Our parents

Have you ever thanked your parents even for being here on this earth? They deserve our gratitude and gratefulness.. without them we would not be here!

Just hug your parents now, and tell them how much you are grateful.



Feminism itself is against God and his commands. Feminist women are against God and his command. Woman was created by God to be different than men. Woman was not created to compete with men, woman was not created to rule over men. God created woman to be a helper that is obedient to her own man if she has one. In the Bible there it is writen many times what Godly women should do.

Do you know these verses in the Bible? If so leave a comment below..

Do you like your calling women? Do you want to obey Lord and his commands? Or do you want to be rebellious and against his commands?

I love being woman, and what about you?

Being woman is very big blessing from our Lord. He created us to be the helper, to be good and sober. Yes, He put on us quite high calling, but if we trust Him and obey his commands, we will do better in this world.

Being woman is not about only wearing make-up or high heels, but rather to be good, kind and loving to others… to trust and believe and hope! I want to encourage there every woman, be good and kind, watch your tongue and ask Lord for loving heart.

May Lord Jesus Christ bless you and your whole family!

“I do not deserve to be happy”

When somebody says that he does not deserve to be happy, he simply does not love himself. Every person deserves to be happy, but first of all, every person should know how to start to love oneself.

Do you love and respect yourself? Do you think that it is important to love and respect oneself?

It certainly is very important! When we love first ourselves, we can simply with an open heart love others!

What does it mean, being blessed?

Being blessed means that no matter what, we are able to be happy, no matter what we smile. Being blessed doesn’t mean to have a full wallet or a bank account, rather it has value of the family unit and its good producing! 

Do you have a place to stay, family, friends and so on? Do you have clothes to wear and food to eat?